<strong>What's New at Summers Manufacturing For 2013</strong>
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New for 2013



Based on the Diamond Disk proven design the DT9530 is the newest addition to the Summers tillage lineup. The DT9530 allows you to turn with the disk still in the ground. It also has a 16' transport width.


Internal Scraper on Rolling Basket

Internal Scraper on Rolling Basket

This new, patent-pending design increases the performance of Summers' rolling baskets, allowing them to effectively break clods, mix residue and level the soil profile without mud buildup in most field conditions.

Finishing Coulter Gang

Finishing Coulter Gang

Standard on the Diamond Disk and 2510DT, the Finishing Coulter Gang provides a more level field finish while conditioning soil and managing residue. The Finishing Coulter Gang can be lifted hydraulically from the cab if conditions require.

Additional Sizes of Chisel Plows

New 16' and 20' sizes added as well as 40' HD and 42' HD Superchisels available.

Larger Tank Size on Supersprayers

1650 gallon tank is available on the Narrow Cart Ultimates.

New for 2012

Trail Type Landroller

41, 46' and 53' Trail Type Landroller

With the reliability you have come to expect from Summers products, this narrow transport width and low transport height Landroller will handle your toughest field and transport conditions. Standard equipment hydraulic controlled end wheels provide fast unfolding from transport to field position.

Front Caster Wheel Option

Front Center Dual Caster Wheels

Standard on 32', 36' and 40' CoulterChisel and DiskChisel and optional on 32' and larger Chisel Plows, provide improved floatation and maneuverability while maintaining precise depth control.

35' and 45' Width SuperCoulters

35' and 45' widths have been added to complete the range of horsepower requirements for our SuperCoulters. Both widths feature low transport height and can be equipped with a wide range of mounted attachments.

New for 2011

2510 DT

2510 DT

Designed for use in heavy residue fields, the Summers 2510 DT is based on our rock solid Diamond Disk. For more information contact your local Summers dealer.

Narrow Center Superchisel

 16', 20', 24', 26', 28' & 30' Narrow Superchisels

Additional sizes have been added to our line of Superchisels, creating a wide range of sizes to fit your needs.



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