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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to build field-tested tough agricultural equipment to help farmers feed and fuel the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is capturing markets that demand the best equipment.

2012 - 41', 46' and 53' Trail Type Landroller added to product line. Additional Superchisel sizes of 16' & 20' were added. Summers Manufacturing named Employee Owned Company of the Year for the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter of The ESOP Association.

2011 - Additional Supercoulter sizes were added along with larger tires for tillage implements. Ultimate and Ultra Supersprayers received an additional tank size of 1650 gallons. Front Caster Wheel option was made available for chisel implements.

2010 - Rolling Basket and 47' Diamond Disk added to product line. A 124 ft. x 310 ft. addition to Devils Lake factory built for a state-of-the-art paint system.

2009 - M105 and M108 Mounted Harrows added to selection of Mounted Attachments. SuperHarrow 2650, 50' SuperCoulter, Hydraulic Fold Rolling Chopper and 36" Diameter Landrollers introducted.

2008 - Disk-Chisels, ranging from 16' to 40' widths, are added to product line.  Company is honored with the 2007 ND Exporter of the Year Award.

2007 - 62' & 84' 5 Section Landrollers and a 20' Coulter-Chisel are introduced.  Company goes to 100% employee ownership via an ESOP plan.

2006 - The Summers Coulter-Chisel, Rolling Choppers and 30' Superroller are included in product line.

2005 - The Summers Superroller is added to the "Field Tested Tough" product line.  Additional sizes of 56', 58' and 60' are added to the Superchisel line.

2004 – A 124 ft. x 310 ft. addition is added onto the current Devils Lake plant.

2003 – Company introduces the Ultimate NT Supersprayer featuring a bolt on axle for easier adjustment, and a new family of tanks that feature a drainable sump and a common width dimension.

2002 – Company adds a warehouse and service man in Aberdeen, SD.

2001 - Cold storage building completed at Devils Lake. Company extends boom lengths up to 110 feet on the Ultimate Supersprayer.

2000 – Company introduces the Supercoulter, the innovative solution for excessive field residue management on no-till, minimum-till, and conventional-till farming operations.

1999 - Company introduces the Ultimate suspended boom trailer sprayer with hydraulic folding booms. Additional sizes added to the Chisel Plow line, now ranging from 28’ to 54’.

1997 – 16,800 square foot warehouse in Maddock purchased from local business.

1996 – 1500 square foot office area added to the Maddock plant. Company introduces Chisel Plow with floating hitch and 700# trip assembly.

1994 – a 50 by 125 foot addition to the Maddock factory is completed. Construction begins on a 24,576 square-foot addition to the Devils Lake factory, which enables the company to increase production of truck-mounted and pull-type supersprayers and rockpickers.

1993 – Company adds two new products: a pickup-mounted sprayer with booms of 80 and 90 feet, and the Summers Superharrow, an extra-heavy-duty residue-management tool designed for the minimum and no-till farmer.

1992 – A new engineering office/parts department is added to the Devils Lake factory.

1989 – Summers purchases TorMaster Company of Hordean, Manitoba, giving the company a line of rolling packer equipment, comprised of harrow packers and hydraulic fold coil packers.

1985 – Summers signs a contract with Melroe Company of Bismarck to obtain exclusive manufacturing rights to the Melroe harrow line.

1984 – Herman Diamond Disk, a disk harrow made in a diamond shape to reduce blade breakage from rocks, comes off the assembly line.

1983 – Summers buys manufacturing and distributing rights to the Fargo Field Sprayer line from Mid America Steel (formerly Fargo Foundry), Fargo. This field sprayer line is manufactured at the Devils Lake plant. Harley Summers is selected North Dakota’s small-businessman of the year by the Small Business Administration.

1982 – Devils Lake plant begins operations in January, manufacturing supersprayers and rockpickers. The Maddock factory begins producing the Superweeder, a combination cultivator and harrow.

1981 – Company establishes a branch facility in Regina, Saskatchewan.

1980 – Company purchases manufacturing and distributing rights to Crown rockpickers from Crown Manufacturers of Regina, Saskatchewan. This forces another expansion project – a 26,000 square foot factory on a 24 acre site in Devils Lake, ND Industrial Park.

1977 – Summers introduces the Agri-sprayer, used in conjunction with the Herman culti-harrow to incorporate herbicides and liquid fertilizer.

1975 – Company adds a 20,000 square-foot assembly plant in the fall (completed in January 1976), bringing total square footage of Maddock factories to 47,000.

1973 – Company builds new 20,000 square-foot plant and offices in Maddock

1970 – Summers purchases rights to manufacture/market the Herman Harrow.

1969 – Firm incorporates and becomes officially known as Summers Manufacturing Company, Inc.

1965 – Summers Manufacturing is founded by Harley Summers, who purchases patent rights for Goebel truck and pickup hoists from the Goebel Brothers of Lehr, ND. These hoists, produced in Harley Summers’ blacksmith shop the first year, were distributed nationwide by a Cincinnati, Ohio, dealer. With increasing sales, the company soon outgrows the small shop. Summers wins the Herman harrow contract, beginning the company’s Herman culti-harrow line. Summers builds a 7,200 square-foot factory in Maddock to meet the demand for truck and pickup hoists, as well as Herman harrows.

Summers distributes on a wholesale level to dealers and distributors throughout markets in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Australia, making it an international company.


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